Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sweet bun/Bun Manis

400g high protien flour
100g superfine flour
100g sugar
5g salt
5g bread improver
5g bread softener
20g milk powder
9g instant yeast
40g eggs
250ml water
40g butter
1.) Combine flour, sugar, salt, milk powder, bread softener, bread improver, yeast and egg.
2.) Pour in water and combine evenly until mixture then add in butter.
3.) Knead into a smooth dough and become elastic dough.
4.)Let the dough rise(ferment) about 40 mins.
5.) Then scaling each dough 60gm and moulding.
6.) Then resting for 5 mins.
7.) Final proof 40-50 mins.
8.) bake at 200C for 13-15 mins.

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